Electrical Beast

20-year-old college student ElectricalBeast - whose real name is yet to be unveiled - is a British Let's Player on YouTube who was popularized by the popular YouTube channel, Retsupurae. Two episodes of his Super Mario 64 playthrough were commented on by slowbeef (creator of the video Let's Play on Something Awful) and Diabetus, who endlessly ridiculed his impossibly British accent. The two videos, "Let's 'ave a carriage ride" and "Bowser's Evil Test" were some of Retsupurae's most popular and infamous videos, accumulating more than 190,000 and 200,000 views respectively.

ElectricalBeast's being featured in two Retsupurae videos have drawn him incredible amounts of attention, getting his total upload views to more than 1 million total. Though his video views are staggering for how few videos he's uploaded (more than 110), his subscriber count as of October 1st 2011 peaks just above 5,000. Though it does not meet the traditional minimum subscriber count for mention on this wiki (10,000), he is incredibly notable due to how much of an impact he's had on the Let's Playing community.

EB started his YouTube account on December 29th 2007, and he uploaded the first episode of his first Let's Play, one of Super Mario 64, and his video, on February 18th 2008, which now has over 50,000 views (as of October 1st 2011). According to his YouTube channel sidebar, he currently resides in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario 64Edit

ElectricalBeast has so far only uploaded two major Let's Plays, including some minor ones, and by far the most popular is his LP of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. The Let's Play consists of 60 episodes, was started on February 18th 2008, and ended on December 25th 2010, after a long wait for the final installment. Episode 54 and 59 were Retsupuraed by slowbeef and Diabetus. Episode 54, titled "The Death Clock!", was originally uploaded on April 11th 2008, and was Retsupuraed on June 7th of the same year. Episode 59, titled "Golden Ninja Warrior!" was uploaded on April 15th 2008, and was also Retsupuraed on December 14th of the same year, where slowbeef and Diabetus commented that it was a tragically unfinished story. The 60th and final episode wasn't uploaded until more than two years after the infamous Retsupurae, on December 25th 2010 as a Christmas special. After the Let's Play ended, Retsupurae fans demanded a third video with the Brit, and EB continued focusing on his then in-progress Minecraft run.


On September 19th 2010, during the massive hiatus between episode 59 and 60 of Super Mario 64, ElectricalBeast uploaded "episode 0" of Minecraft - a test episode of sorts. The regular Minecraft run continued for 29 episodes, and on June 12th 2011, EB started a "Zombie Survival!" run of the game, which currently has seven episodes (as of October 1st 2011).

Minor Let's PlaysEdit

ElectricalBeast's less-known videos are some of his more minor Let's Plays, most notably of Super Mario Bros. Crossover and RuneScape.